Rum Cocktails That Pleases Your Mood

Rum lovers spread across the world, and there are many options in the drink that make your mood. With time, it gets new flavors and experiments. Cocktail lovers come up with the best options that give this old drink a new twist. Rum is one of those few beverages that mingle well with the other flavors and offer sumptuous options to boozers. You always need quality drinks to enjoy each sip of rum. Though molasses are the traditional, base ingredient of the drink, new brands offer something more than this. You can Buy Liquor Online from California as the place has numerous stores that have a wide collection of wines and spirits. You will also get the best options in Rum collections. Cocktail culture is growing rapidly and it is also appreciated by tipplers. If you are a rum lover and want to try it with different flavors, here are some options you may consider.

Old Fashioned Cocktail:

The taste of the drink gets different attention. While some people like the flavors, some give it an ‘okay’ tag only. Whatever the feedback, boozers show some essential attention to the drink. As the name stays, it is an old-fashioned drink with a bit twist.

Ingredients you need: Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple rum (2 oz), Demerara syrup (1⁄4 oz), Galliano Ristretto coffee liqueur (1 bar spoon), Angostura bitters (1 dash), and Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6 (1 dash).

Process:  Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass and add ice to it. Stir it well and make it chilled. Take a rock glass and enjoy the drink with ice.

This is a great cocktail made of rum. You can enjoy the drink when you feel a rum thirst. Get Discount on Liquor Online and save while shopping.

Cubata Cocktail:

If you are finding an easy option and quick option in rum cocktails, you must try Cubata Cocktail. This is the simplest recipe we have ever covered. You need as few as 2 ingredients – dark rum (1 OZ) and Coca-Cola (3 OZ). Take a highball glass and pour the two ingredients. Enjoy it with ice. Do not forget to add a lime twist to your drink for garnishing.

There are many stores coming up with tempting deals. For the best buy, visit California online wines and spirits stores.

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